CONNECT™ is supported by a large and versatile network of medical facilities, air ambulance assets and telemedicine physicians. Which gives us the capability to support any type of medical mission. Our in network fleet adheres to CAMTS and EURAMI regulations ensuring safe and efficient patient transfers regardless of mission complexity. Becoming part of the CONNECT™ Network will increase the volume of patient transfers to our in network operators & providers via our intelligent dispatching center. Offer your organization excellence in all aspects of the patient transfer process. 

What are benefits of jointing the CONNECT™ Network?

  • Hospitals see increased patient intake through referrals and transports.
  • Air Ambulance providers see increased flight volume.
  • Insurance billing services available for brokers, charters and providers. 
  • Increased opportunities for revenue generation through quarterly revenue distributions among our in network providers.  

Provider Network Details

  • NO cost to providers to join the Network.
  • Access to national and international markets.
  • Access to over 4,000 medical facilities through our telemedicine solutions app.
  • Intelligent dispatching system which activates the closest most appropriate provider asset, making patient transfers much more cost effective to our in network providers.