Individual Membership

Annual Coverage


The CONNECT™ Network Individual Membership is designed for travelers and adventurers who live life to the fullest! Travel abroad can come with it's own unique set of challenges, especially if you get sick or injured. Adventure on stress free knowing that our dedicated staff of veterans are here to support you if anything goes wrong. 


Medical Advisory

Our highly skilled global 24/7 dispatch is standing by to provide our members with immediate access to our telemedicine clinics, medical crews, language services, and any questions that may arise at anytime. Peace of mind is the prime focus for our members, so we make sure you are never alone through your journeys. These services also include:

  •       Last Minute Ticketing
  •       Legal Advice Referrals
  •       Emergency Messaging
  •       Translation/Interpreter Services
  •       Lost Luggage
  •       Medical Evacuation

Medical Assistance and Evacuation Services

  •      Emergency Life Flight Solutions
  •      Referral to Credentialed Medical Facilities
  •      Prompt Dispatching Through Our Emergency Tracker App
  •      Access to Members-Only CONNECT™ Clinics
  •      Assistance with Documentation for Medical Transports


Designed for your smart phone the Emergency Tracker CONNECT™ App gives our members instant access to:

  •       Critical notifications
  •       Situation reports
  •       Country reports
  •       Risk ratings
  •       Travel tips
  •       Travel updates & more
  •       All based on your customized location

A unique feature of our application is immediate access to our 24/7 Dispatch center. In the event of an emergency, one click and our teams will have live audio and video through your device to ascertain your situation, provide assistance, and even track your location to dispatch the proper emergency personnel. Peace of mind is now in the palm of your hand.