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CONNECT™ is a premier membership program that offers a wide variety of benefits to care for you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional customer service experience that allows members to fully enjoy every journey across the world. CONNECT™ was developed to change the way travelers interact with and utilize healthcare solutions be it domestic travel or overseas. CONNECT™ is not an insurance product; we provide our members with the experience of having personalized healthcare and expert staff available in any corner of the globe. The CONNECT™ app was created to change the way travelers receive help and advice in locations of concern. 

Our travel advice and alerts are generated by our global travel experts both on the ground and through our partners, to provide support in planning through your return home. It is not all about being a service provider for medical evacuation, CONNECT™ wants its members to be prepared for any situation ahead of time to prevent issues from arising.   

As a Member of CONNECT™ we prepare you with the best knowledge, in real time when traveling, to keep our members alert and safe. Our members peace of mind is our focus, so you can focus on your travel plans.